Joy Comes in the Morning…


On Tuesday, May 15, 2012, we welcomed Jacob Daniel Pitts into the world.  He weighed in at a wopping 9 pounds and 22 inches, the biggest of our three!  Elizabeth was 7.11, 21.75 in, Madeline was 8.9, and 20.5 in.   Funny how Elizabeth was long, and had Turner’s!  Anyway, Jacob looks just like Madeline yet he is mild mannered like Elizabeth.  In the month since he arrived, we have been so peaceful and calm.  It has been quite interesting.


Newborns are supposed to be exhausting and a lot of work.  Parents are supposed to be frazzled and overtired, begging for the days when the baby is sleeping more, eating less, and more independent.  We find ourselves relishing in this little guy, not wanting to rush one moment of his growth.  We even find ourselves sad that time is moving so quickly!  Sure, we like to look forward to things we will do as he gets older, and of course there are limitations now because he is here and so little, but none that have us wishing him to grow faster.  Oh, don’t worry, he is growing!  In one month he has gained over 2 pounds and at least an inch!


Madeline is doing well too.  She is a proud big sister, and loves to hear stories of how Elizabeth was with her as a newborn.  She wants to be very helpful and we often find her just sitting and staring at him, or trying to touch him while he sleeps!  We overhear her telling him often, “Don’t worry, you are loved.  You are not alone, we are right here.  I will protect you.”  It is so sweet.

She has been busy this summer.  She attended VBS at church last week, a good distraction.  This week she is attending dance camp, proudly sporting a different dance costume that belonged to Elizabeth each day.  Next week she will have church camp, with field trips and bible studies.  We will have a block party on July 3rd with fireworks.  Seems fitting.  That’s what we did the night we buried her, attended our neighborhood block party with fireworks.  May be our “tradition” from now on.  We are hoping to go camping in late July at the beach.  I will be “stuck” in the camper but Maddie will enjoy the surf.

We are excited about year 2 of Homeschooling.  Ben should be home more this year, and he is really excited too.  We will be able to camp in the fall, travel more, and just enjoy life together.  Isn’t that what we should be doing?!


I have attended the funeral of another little buddy.  He was ten also and battled brain tumors for just over a year.  As I sat at his funeral, I was taken back by the sign from my girl.  The scriptures chosen from the old testament were both from Isaiah.  Isaiah 40:30-31 and Isaiah 41:10.  I had not shared these with mom, and I think that was Elizabeth’s way of telling me she was, in fact, with this young man.  Those were her two favorite verses, not common for a child, but her faves nonetheless.  Thanks E.

We will go out again, with no fear, just faith that God has it all under control. We still don’t know WHY he took her.  Why he didn’t choose to heal her.  But, we are faithful that He will bless us abundantly for our servitude in the midst of our pain.  We are already reaping our benefits in little Jacob.    Jacob means Supplanter and Daniel means God is my judge.


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